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Lot Leaseholders

How to become a Lot Leaseholder


Get Approved

In order to be approved to lease a lot you must first submit an application form along with references and current police checks for every applicant 18 or older.

Please read through our park policies first.

Lot Lease Applications:


Get a Trailer & Lot

If you already own a trailer then you just need to find an empty lot. Otherwise, you can purchase a trailer already on a lot from a current leaseholder and become the new leaseholder for that lot.

Browse the available lots and trailers for sale.


Move In!

Once you sign the lot lease agreement and pay the lot fees, you are ready to move in! If you are bringing in your own trailer, or if you wish to make any modifications to the lot (trailer, deck, shed, patio, garden, etc.), you will be required to submit a Permit Application to have the work approved.

Request Forms

Lot Modifications & Changes

Trailers, decks, sheds, sunrooms, docks, patios, gardens, and more.

Any modifications you plan to make must be approved by Wesley Acres.

Please review the Lot Leaseholder Policies and submit a Permit Application to the office.

Maintenance Request Form

Repairs, material delivery, lot preparation, installs, etc.

Do you require assistance in or around your lot? Have you observed damage to Wesley Acres Property? Whether you have a leaking faucet or need your new trailer installed, maintenance can assist you. Please use the link below to make your request official. Please ensure you have the necessary permits, if required, before submitting your request.

Tree Removal/ Plant Request

If you are looking to remove or plant a tree then please fill out the form below for review by our staff and Wesley Acres Trailer Park Board members.

Additional Tents or Trailers

Please complete this form to request an exception to the restriction on additional trailers or tents on your lot.

Temporary Storage Request Form

Please complete this form to request permission to store a trailer temporarily in the maintenance field behind the dumpsters.

Trailer Rental Request Form

Please complete this form if you are intending to rent out your trailer in 2024 prior to approving any renters.

Vehicle Registration

Please complete this form to register any of your vehicles that will be on Wesley Acres property in 2024.

Wesley Acres is a Plan to Protect(TM) Member.

We are committed to the safety of the children in our community.

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