Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are rates being increased?  How do rules governing charities affect rent charged to leaseholders?


Wesley Acres Inc. is a registered charity.  WAI owns the land that is leased to lot leaseholders.  One of the rules for charities is that it may not confer a benefit to anyone.  So rental rates should be at market rates.  Rental rates in other trailer parks have been increasing significantly, but the rates at Wesley Acres have not kept pace.

2. Shouldn’t rent at Wesley Acres be less than elsewhere since it isn’t available to public at the large because it is a faith-based constraint, the road presents challenges and the Park lacks some of the amenities of other parks?


Wesley Acres has advantages and disadvantages when compared with other trailer parks.  The Board has taken these into account in prayerfully determining the market rental rates for the Park.


3. Does the Government regulate rental rates?  Are these increases legal?


The Residential Tenancies Act regulates rents, but it does not apply to trailer parks.  At Wesley Acres, it only applies to the rental of mobile-home lots where the mobile home is used as the leaseholder’s permanent residence.  There are only 9 leaseholders for whom their mobile home is their permanent residence.  In those cases, the leaseholders are not required to pay the rent increases.  But many of them have agreed to pay the increase (including all that are on the board and the Executive Director.)


4. Can rental rates be further increased during these 4 years?


The Board does not intend to further increase lot rental rates within the next four years.  But the composition of the Board will change each year, and circumstances may change.  Board decisions may be changed at a subsequent meeting.


5. Are dock rentals being increased also?


Not at this time.  But the Board may review these next year.


6. Could the board subsequently decide not to implement these increases?


The composition of the Board will change each year, and circumstances may change.  Board decisions my be changed at a subsequent meeting.


7. Is the Administration Fee on the sale of a trailer or mobile being changed?


The Administration Fee on the sale of a trailer equal to the greater of 5% of the sale price or $500 will continue to apply.  No Administration Fee on that sale of a mobile home by a permanent resident is permitted under the Residential Tenancies Act, so no Administration Fee will be charged on the sale of a mobile home.  But, since the Residential Tenancies Act does not restrict the amount of rent that may be charged to a new leaseholder, the rent charged to a new leaseholder who purchases a mobile home will not be limited to the market rates described in these documents.


8. Won’t these increases result in less giving to Ministry?


That is possible.  Individuals should prayerfully consider their charitable donations and give accordingly.


9. What if I don’t agree with my lot size, or some of it is not usable?


The new lot rental rates are based on the same size for your lot as was used for the former lot rental rates.  The charge that is based on the size of your lot only applies to the area in excess of 1000’, which takes into account some unusable area and uncertainties in dimensions.  Nevertheless, you may ask the office for a review of your lot dimensions.  The charge for remeasuring your lot would be $50.

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